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Cebu Pacific Facebook Fans at 500,000th Mark Contest

Promo Duration: February 1 - 10, 2012

Cebu Pacific Facebook Fans at 500,000th Mark Contest

Watch out! Aside from the BIG SURPRISE, we'll also be having a 500,000th mark Facebook contest!!! 5 lucky winners will each win 1 roundtrip GC to any Domestic destination!


  1. All participants will wait for the moment that the Cebu Pacific Facebook Page reaches the 500,000th Fan Mark.
  2. At this moment, participants are to take a screenshot of their screen (Print Screen command) and save it as a file onto their PC's while fulfilling the following requirements:
    • Participant must be logged in to Facebook at the time of sceenshot
    • Participant must be a Facebook Fan at the time of the screenshot
    • Participant's screenshot must display the view of the Cebu Pacific Page Fan Count while at the 500,000th to 500,005th fan.
    • Screenshot must be of the full screen view of the participant, displaying the Facebook toolbar (no cropping)
  3. Upon saving the file, participants must upload the file onto a photosharing site (Twitpic, Photobucket, Picasa, etc), but NOT SHARE NOR POST THE LINK TO THE SCREENSHOT ON THE CEBU PACIFIC PAGE WALL.
  4. Cebu Pacific will post a message ANY TIME BETWEEN FEBRUARY 1 - 10, 2012 displaying the following text:
  5. "The 500,000th Mark Contest is on! Show us the proof of the 500,000th fan mark!"
  6. Participants will reply to the post with a COMMENT which includes the link to their screenshot of the 500,000 to 500,005th fan mark.
  7. the first five (5) participants who comment on our post with the correct link and image/screenshot will each win one (1) prize as stated in section 4 of this Terms and Conditions.
  8. Direct posts on our Page Wall will NOT be counted; you must COMMENT on the post that we will be posting on our Wall for your entry to be counted.
For the full mechanics, click this link.

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