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Runnr Promo: Pose for a Race

Promo Duration: Up to September 30, 2011
Promo Location: Trinoma

RACE on us! Form a group of 3-5 members and swing by RUNNR Trinoma. Take a photo of your group and post it here on our wall along with this line "(Your group's name) wants to RUN in a RACE for FREE because (and tell us why you deserve to win)". Now, that's easy. :-) Let's go runners!

Promo Mechanics:
Want to run in a race for free? Here's how:

1. Visit the new RUNNR store in Level 2, Trinoma.
2. Take a photo with your running buddies in your craziest and most creative way of expressing unity, inside the store. Minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 runners only in a group is allowed.
3. Post the photo on our Facebook wall.
4. Give yourselves a unique group name then post this line, "(Group name) wants to RUN in a RACE for FREE because...(tell us why you deserve to win)."
5. Photos will be judged via the following criteria:
Relevance to the theme: “Sense of unity in running”– 45%
Creativity – 45%
RUNNR Fans’ impact – 10%
6. If we choose your photo, your group’s 2 next running races* will be on us!
7. Submission of entries is until September 30, 2011 only.
8. One entry per customer only.

* RUNNR has the right to decide on which races the winners get to participate.

Like every runner, we took the first daring step to start. Running is a way of life, and in order to fully understand the very heart of running, we took a few laps ourselves. The passion grew within us, and thus we attempted to bring the passion and science together. This passion lead us to create RUNNR where passionate runners can truly express and ignite their love for running.

RUNNR, is a pure running specialty store built on passion. Only RUNNR offers a wide track of professional running gear from well known running brands around the world such as Adidas, Asics, New Balance, Nike, Polar and Mizuno. Expect an extensive range of gear that every runner would ever need from head to foot.

At RUNNR, we know that no runner is the same. This fact lead us to dare push our dreams further. More than offering a wide range of running gear, we created FOOTWORX - A combination of three state of the art services that will fully determine the exact needs of every runner: Footprint analysis, Video Gait Analysis and Custom insole Moulding. Know the exact type of your foot, get the right insole to aid your disadvantage and pair it with the right shoe. Because after all, to run your best, you need gear that works best with you. At RUNNR, we will you help achieve that.

Expect a team of highly trained and passionate RUNNR staff to assist you from start to finish. Let us help you get the right shoe for your foot and help you improve your run.

Because at RUNNR, we help you go beyond your best. We help you DEFY your LIMITS.

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