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Free Concert: The Bloomfields

Event Date: September 2, 2011
Event Location: SM Megamall Event Center

Vintage just got a whole lot cooler! We are happy to have this awesome band, Bloomfields for a FREE MINI CONCERT and autograph signing this Friday, Sept 2, 4pm at the SM Megamall Event center! See you all there!

Over the past few years, a group of young men has dominated a niche market in the music industry. The Bloomfields have been entertaining people, young and old alike, with good old ‘60s music. The group predominantly plays rock and roll with sporadic ballads and mellow hits. They play at various bars across the metro and are favorites for corporate and media events. They are one of the few bands in the Philippines that incorporates harmonies into high-energy numbers. With every performance, they treat the audience to an incredible audible and visual experience.

The band is composed of four young men who display musical versatility. Apart from playing their respective instruments, each member is also adept at singing. Outside of the music scene, the members are also very accomplished - they are all educated, intelligent and eloquent young men.

Rocky Collado is fondly called “Gene Krupa of the Philippines” and “Doctor of the drums” due to his unparalleled talent in drum playing. His famous rendition of “Little B” is always a highpoint in their performance. Rocky is also a very talented singer, a gifted visual artist and the resident “talker” of the band.

Lakan Hila plays the lead guitar and the keyboard. He comes from a family of musicians which explains his proficiency in virtually any instrument he attempts to play. Lakan is responsible for the amazing leads during instrumentals often playing the keyboard with his guitar still firmly strapped to his chest.

Louie Poco is the bass player and the master of rock and roll showmanship. He is often seen jumping off stages, standing on tables and doing all sorts of maneuvers. He is also the go-to guy for blaring songs. He has the perfect raspy, high-pitched voice for authentic rock and roll.

Dino Pascual is the youngest member of the group. He plays the rhythm guitar and is also the resident balladeer. He has a strong but soothing voice that is always a hit with the ladies. His acoustic roots also allowed him to bring diversity to the band’s repertoire.

Individually, they are amazing but together they are unstoppable. The Bloomfields bring back the richness of the ‘60s with the vitality and energy of today. Young men playing old music – who could ask for more?

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